As a member of the Michigan Crop Improvement Association, all certified seed is inspected and tested for quality.

From in-field inspections to seed analysis; purity, germination, and cleanliness is assured.

When you see the blue tag on a ceritifed bag of seed, you know you are buying quality. 


Cover crops offer a wide array of benefits. Build soil organic matter and there by improve tilth, and increase nutrient and water holding capacity. Pairing cover crops with minimum and no till systems will aid in increasing aggregate stability, and porosity, and result in soil that take rain in faster, holds more water. and promotes superior root growth.

Beyond that certain cover crops can provide nitrogen, reduce pathogens and other pests.

As more farmers realize the benefits, C3 Seeds will be there to provide the seed as well as the knowledge to insure success.


While certified seed remains the premium source of seed, properly raising and cleaning one's own seed can be profitable.

As farmers meet new and changing markets, opportunity abounds for seed to be saved and cleaned. Proper steps taken, saving and cleaning one's own seed can greatly reduce seed costs and your bottom line.

Currently a seed cleaning facility is being built to not only facilitate certified seed production, but to offer a valuable service to area farmers.

Keep an eye out for news and updates this summer concerning the facility!