Graduating from MSU with a degree in Crop and Soil Agronomic Sciences in 2011, I have gained experience as a retail agronomist in the Michiana area since 2011. Growing up on a dairy and row crop farm, I have been involved in farming since my youth. I have always enjoyed the finer points of farming, appreciating it as an art and a science. Having a deep appreciation of what has been done in the past, I am passionate about innovation. I continue to look for new and exciting opportunities. C3 Seeds* is a function of this. With demand for quality seed products and services, I look to continue to grow in this industry as I work with growers who seek quality products and services that will enhance their own operations and cropping systems.

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*C3 Seeds can be seen as a moniker for Carl III or a tip-of-the-hat for plant nerds to c3 plants, whose metabolic pathway is that of c3 fixation. All of the crops I sell so far are c3 plants.